Infant Program (3 weeks to 15 months)

Infant Daycare Near Me in Stone Ridge: Nurturing Your Little One

Searching for ‘infant daycare near me’ in Stone Ridge? Ducklings Daycare provides a nurturing environment for your youngest learners. We understand the challenges of finding reliable childcare for your infant, and prioritize open communication to make the transition smooth. We stress the importance of open communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. Please feel free to ask questions and share your concerns, and we’ll do our best to work together. We work with each infant on his/her own schedule and prefer to feed children on demand. At this age, children go through a variety of growth spurts and are often on different medications. We’ve learned that from week to week or even day to day, babies’ appetites and interest in certain foods vary.

Toddler Program (16 months to 24 months)

Stone Ridge Toddler Daycare: Learning Through Play

Our toddler program fosters independence and social skills through play-based activities, helping your child thrive! As your child approaches the age of two and is starting to become more independent, we will embrace the rapid pace at which your child is growing and learning. We focus on the following areas when planning activities and working with your child:

  • Sitting for short periods of time for both large and small group activities
  • Improving verbal skills
  • Responding to simple directions
  • Progressing with social and self-help skills
  • Exhibiting age-appropriate motor development
  • Mastering toilet-training

Preschool Program (2 years to 4 years)

Preschool Near Me? Prepare for Kindergarten at Ducklings Daycare

Every child has a natural desire to learn more about their surroundings. We believe in the stimulation of those natural gifts and incorporating socialization, structure, and routine. Problem-solving and decision-making are considered central to the program. Our curriculum balances structured learning with the freedom of play, essential for school readiness and lifelong learning.

Every child is given opportunities to express himself/herself in a creative and constructive environment through a range of choices. Children are given a variety of ways to work and play together.